Syllabus Demonstrations

Any child participating must have a suitable parent/guardian present, or have their consent to participate in this activity. Given the nature of these activities, you participate at your own risk and should only do those activities that you consider safe for your own body and the space that you are working in. Before participating, please consider if you have enough clear space, that is free of obstacles, and suitable to work in safely; that the floor surface is suitable to work on; and that you have footwear appropriate for that surface. As we are working remotely, we are unable to give you personal feedback. Please warm-up and cool-down appropriately (before and after the session, please see online classes page for further info) and do feel free to stop and/or modify activities as necessary. With all Primary - Grade 7 demonstrations there may be some small mistakes/discrepancies which can be clarified on return to class, also some (minimal) settings may differ slightly to class. 

We hope you enjoy these resource, do visit our online classes page too and please do not hesitate to contact Miss Kayleigh if you have any questions at all.