Online classes & Syllabus Demonstrations

Welcome to our Online classes and syllabus demonstration page,

where you can find everything you need for dancing at home! 


Syllabus demonstrations

We have recorded demonstrations by the teachers of the students syllabi to enable students to check details and ensure their knowledge of their work is maintained. There may be a few little discrepancies, please do ask if something comes up that you are unsure of, but on the whole this knowledge of syllabus is needed to help them progress. Syllabus demonstrations are available to view for free anytime. 

Online class recordings 

We have now added weekly class recordings. These will be published each week to purchase so that students can take part in a structured class that follows their level and standard. Classes will progress each week just as the students would in class. But this gives everyone flexibility suiting budgets, aims and facility to do this. Please click for more information and price list

Private lessons

We also offer online private lessons.

Adult classes 

For Adult ballet please see unset classes channel by scrolling down the page. 

For adult tap snippets please see Individual channel by level by scrolling down the page. 

Get Dancing! 

To get started ensure you have prepared for class,

Have you warmed up? Grade 1-3, Grade 4+

Simply scroll down to find your classes channel and get dancing! 

After class don't forget to drink plenty and cool down/stretch. 

We hope you enjoy your online classes for now until we can get back in the studio.

If you have any questions or would like to book a private lesson please contact Miss Kayleigh 

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